Photo of Mario Ranftl


I’m Mario Ranftl.

A.k.a. majodev on The Internets.

I’m an Austrian IT professional who holds a master’s and bachelor’s degree in Information Management from FH JOANNEUM University of Applied Sciences. I speak both IT[1] and business[2] and currently live in Vienna, Austria.

This site is an experiment to write and ramble on about my life, code and Open Source software.

I currently work at all about apps[3]. In my spare time, I’m very much into Open Source collaboration and contribute here and there. I love well documented, tested and maintainable code. At the very moment, my language of choice is JavaScript, but I’ve also had a hell of a time with ActionScript 3, PHP, Java, C and many others.

Beware, I’m not a creative designer[4], however I really like to work with these people. Abstracting and optimizing lies in my very nature. Data modeling, code decoupling, applying design patterns, tooling, testing and deploying is what I do and love. I am a reliable team player with excellent communication skills.

Apart from my professional life, I have a weakness for weird music[5], hot ‘n’ spicy food, beautiful beaches and indie games. Additionally I play the guitar (poorly) and also read alot. Be that as it may I really love programming, even in my freetime.

  • [1] Digital Media Technologies, Software Engineering, Network & IT Security, ICT Applications, Data Modelling & Systems and Operating Systems
  • [2] Business Administration (e.g. Process & Change Management, Business Model Canvas), Project Management and Soft & Presentation Skills
  • [3] However, feel free to download my CV and contact me.
  • [4] But my GF Nicole Eibel might be a fit. She keeps an eye on my visual design.
  • [5] I'm a big Mike Patton and Trent Reznor fan.